Welcome to the world of PLANETX, we are an Entertainment Center located in The Zone, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. PLANETX depicts a world of adventure, fun and unconventional attractions through virtual reality, amusement arcades and futuristic themed elements. PLANETX is at the forefront of exploring modernized entertainment trends and bringing these experiences to life in new and exciting ways.


Our vision is to create out of this world experiences to intrigue your sense of wonder and adventure through new conceptual forms of entertainment. Our Center is designed for everyone alike, including the curious-minded, the expert gamer, the adrenaline junkie and even the beginners just starting out. We promise – there’s something here for everyone.


As a leading Lifestyle and Entertainment provider, our mission is to push the boundaries of contemporary and advanced technology, to bring our customers the most unique and imaginative concepts and ideas through our extensive offerings, ranging from; Escape Rooms, state-of-the-art Virtual Reality (VR) simulations, Arcade gaming and an indoor themed cafe. PLANETX is the place to experience a new and exciting form of entertainment, right here in your city.


At PLANETX, we harness the philosophy that everyone can experience out-of-this-world fun, through futuristic enhancing technology. We value great quality entertainment to achieve a world renowned customer experience, where our commitment to achieving innovation, imagination and enjoyment is at the core of our existence.


Travel to a world of adventure & mystery